Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pattern Finds: Mario is Marvelous

Who doesn't love Mario? Almost every gamer does. And there are a LOT of Mario patterns out there. So to make it a little easier on all you Mario lovers, I've made a little collection of the very best, (and free) Mario patterns. All made by the wonderful Linda Potts who makes a lot of amazing patterns for free. Along with Mario and a boat load of adorable creatures she has also made characters from Pokemon and Sonic.

Number 1 is little Mario himself. How can you not fall in love with this little guy?  He's soo cute!! His pattern in Here

Number 2 is the cute and terrible King Boo!

Number 3 is Toad and Toadette in their sand dune outfits   

And number 4 is my personal favorite. BoM-bOmB. The one in the picture is actually the one I made. It was definitely a easy make. And it's soo darn cute!

Linda Potts has more Mario patterns but these were my favorite ones. She's really talented so check her out! 

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