Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pattern Find : Angry Birds

Angry Birds. Probably the most popular of all games for the Ipod touch and Ipad. Everybody I know loves Angry Birds. On the internet you can find everything from Angry Bird pizzas to Angry Bird videos. But I've found the best of the best.  Oh yeah. Angry Bird patterns. Made by a talented designer named Karla Fitch.
The first pattern is the Classic Cardinal. It is the only pattern of the series that is free.

At 3.00USD each her other Angry Bird patterns include:

The white bird also comes with extra bonus of the egg.

And the Bomb Bird

These birds are totally awesome. These cute little things make great gifts for angry bird enthusiasts. Put a couple little weights in them and have instant, adorable, paper weights. Or simple put them around the house to make you smile. 

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