Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now That's Crazy

This tree cozy was made by a woman named Carol Hummel. Her fiber art inspires me. I mean, think how dedicated someone has to be to their art to do something like this. This project took her 500 hours to complete. FIVE. HUNDRED. HOURS! That's dedication. I'm seriously thinking about taking on a project like this over the summer. If not a small tree, then maybe something more like this:

Some people even just make scarves and tie them around the necks of statues. Although the more complicated they are the more I love 'em. But hey, no one said art had to be complicated.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pattern: Crazy Little Octopus

Tako Maki

So on Ravelry I found this adorable toilet paper cover, and normally I don't make this kind of thing,  but this one is totally cute. I LOVE octopuses so I had to make one but I'm not the most talented knitter so I made my own crochet version.

 Notions : H hook
                Simply soft yarn, Red
                Two black buttons, different sizes
                Needle and thread

Ch 2, hdc 10 in second ch from hook.
Rnd 1: hdc 2 in to each st around
Rnd 2: (hdc 1, hdc 2 in next st) repeat around

Rnd 3: (hdc 2, hdc 2 in next st) repeat around
Rnd 4: (hdc 3, hdc 2 in next st) repeat around
Rnd 5: (hdc 4, hdc 2 in next st) repeat around
Rnd 6: In back of st, hdc around
Rnd 7: hdc around.
Repeat rnd 7 six more times
sl st ( ch 22. sc in each ch. Sl st in next 2 sts)
Repeat around ( Repeating half way around works as well and isn't as much work)

To finish sew on the buttons for eyes.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to My World

Well to start off, this is me. I pride myself in being a amateur photographer and crocheting things with crazy accurate skill. Ever heard of the book 'Where the Wild Things Are'? It's been one of my favorite books ever since I was little. So as a crochet designer the obvious thing to do, especially with the movie coming out, was to make a wild thing. So I did. Two as a matter of fact.
Pretty cool right? So far they've been the highlight of my designing career. The Pattern for Carol ( the one on the right) is here. He's free, if anyone wants to give him a try.

 So now you know a little about me and my obsession.