Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring is Surprising

I've noticed that even though it happens every year, as it has since the beginning of time, that spring always surprises us. We always feel immensely happy and even relieved that winter is at an end and summer is very near at hand. One morning, during my spring brake, I happened to walk outside and notice this beautiful yellow flower blooming among all the gross, degrading leaves of last fall. And I just felt so full of the hope of summer.

My crafty life was also very surprising during spring brake. I accomplished many things I would never have expected out of one weeks time. The first two are drawing that I did, that were completely beyond my skill level.        

I love to draw even more then I love fiber art and crochet. But I don't have the "eye" for it. Very often I have ideas that would look amazing on paper but some how they never get there. I can't ever seem to draw what's in my head. But I am good at copying things done be other people. Anyway I thought these were, for me, very good, even though they could be better. There are also other things that I finished over brake but they'll wait for another day.

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