Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pattern: Pixar's Day & Night

I've practically gown up watching Pixar movies. They started making them around the time I was born. I LOVE them. We have a eight member family so going to the movies for 7 bucks a kid isn't exactly cheap. But every year during the summer we always go and see the new Pixar movie. It's kinda like a tradition. Anyway, anyone who likes Pixar movies knows that one of the best parts is the short film at the beginning. So today I've recreated two of the character from one of my favorites. Day & Night.
If you haven't seen it, watch it!

Notions: G hook
                      E hook
                      Black and white felt
                      Light blue yarn 
                      Dark blue yarn
                      Light green yarn
                      Dark green yarn
                      Stitch marker
                      Tapestry Needle
                      Glue gun

Pattern: With light blue yarn and G hook, ch 2, sc 8 into second ch from hook
  1. inc around
  2. Sc, inc. repeat around
  3. Sc 2, inc. repeat around
  4. Sc around
  5. Sc around
  6. Sc around
  7. Sc around
  8. Sc around
  9. Sc 2, dec. repeat around
  10. Sc around
  11. Sc around
  12. Sc 2, inc. repeat around
  13. Sc 3, inc. repeat around
  14. Sc around
  15. Sc around
  16. Sc around
  17. Sc around.   Switch to light green yarn
  18. Sc around
  19. Sc 4, dec. repeat around
  20. Sc, dec. repeat around.    Stuff.
  21. dec around
  22. dec around. Fasten off and sew remaining hole closed.
Nose: With light blue yarn and G hook, sc 2, sc 7 in second ch from hook.
         1. inc, sc 2, inc, sc 3.
         2-4. sc around. Fasten off.

Feet, make two:With light green yarn and G hook, ch 2, sc 6 into second ch from hook.
         1. inc around
         2-5. sc around. Fasten off.

Now this is a little tricky so pay attention!
Hands, make two: With E hook and light blue yarn ch 2, sc 5 into second ch from hook.
         (ch 3. sl st in second and third ch from hook. sl st in same and next st.) repeat 3 more times.
          sc in last two sts of the original 5. ch 5 and then sc in first sc of the last two sc (making a loop)
          sc around the two sc and the chs 3 times. Sl st, Fasten off.

Finishing: Sew on legs, arms and nose. Cut eyes and sun from white felt and eye brows, pupils and mouth from the black. Glue on the felt pieces with the glue gun.

Night: To make night simple change the colors. Light blue to dark blue. Light green to dark green.  

Once again, I wrote this pattern on the back of a envelope, so if you see any problems please let me know. Enjoy :D

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