Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Pattern Requests

Ever wish there was a pattern for something but could never find one? Well now, every month you tell me a character, I'll make it and post the free pattern within the next week.
  1. It must be a character from a cartoon, tv show or movie
  2. I must be able to find pictures of the character on google
  3. Comment on this post giving your idea
  4. If you see a current comment idea that you like, re-comment it  (popular vote wins) 
  5. If I don't pick your idea re-comment it next month (I'm sure to get to you sometime)
Let the pattern requests begin!


    1. Wow what a cool idea! :) Hmm let's think, what would I like a pattern of... *ponders*

    2. Hmm ... I liked the Sherlock drawing, so maybe a little Holmes? Or maybe a Spock? Just because he's cool ^_^ Or T'ealc, because I doubt anyone has done him before!

    3. Great idea, I admire your talent.
      How about Calvin?

    4. @ Ó: Oo, I like the Calvin idea! Can you comment the idea at June pattern requests?